Confidence // 3/24/2020

A post of random things related to achieving true confidence that I think are valuable to share. I’m still on the journey myself.

The main problems facing modern men // 6/11/2021

Some of my thoughts about pitfalls set out by the world for me and other modern men & how to avoid them. This post is primarily focused on issues specific to the current time period.

The inverted female // 6/11/2021

A discussion about how modern woman think. Reading this post may help to build a mental framework to use to understand woman you meet in life.

Drowning // 6/8/2021

A fictional story of a man who mentally drowns himself by a drinking problem getting out of hand.

Secret Kings // 5/10/2021

A discussion about what a gamma male is and some of my personal philosophy on how to avoid falling into that type of mindset.