I have a bump under my skin === I have cancer. // 6/7/2022

An article discussing some potential solutions to corns and abscess’s that can be tried at home. If you want to avoid going to the doctor check this article out first.

How to learn Front End Web Development // 6/5/2022

In this post I summarize the three pillars of front end web development. I also briefly discuss the JavaScript ecosystem.

Superpowers // 7/13/2021

A post discussing how computers can be utilized to create content at a higher level and ties the concept of real life superpowers in with a brief discussion about the biblical story of Samson.

The Thing We Can All Agree On // 6/27/2021

A post discussing what we can all agree on as a society regarding the way our society functions.

Setbacks // 6/27/2021

A short post about being setback in your twenties and the reality of when many adults start getting to a comfortable place in life.

Increased Difficulty Level // 6/27/2021

A short discussion about the theory behind how to advance yourself overtime as an artist & produce better work.

Confidence // 3/24/2020

A post of random things related to achieving true confidence that I think are valuable to share. I’m still on the journey myself.

The main problems facing modern men // 6/11/2021

Some of my thoughts about pitfalls set out by the world for me and other modern men & how to avoid them. This post is primarily focused on issues specific to the current time period.

The inverted female // 6/11/2021

A discussion about how modern woman think. Reading this post may help to build a mental framework to use to understand woman you meet in life.