Wedding Videos

Videos on this page are in chronological order

This was my third wedding video and I was really happy with how it turned out.

For the editing style I opted to keep things very simple and only use fades between the clips instead of attempting to implement speedramp transitions or using light leaks.

However, I did go out of my way to find the, “best” cut for each fade.

What I mean by this is I tried to cut intelligently on motion or when something naturally occurred in the video. One of the better examples of this is on the last shot when the bride walks close to the camera and using her dress it creates a seem less and natural cut to the ending slide.

Another reason I was really happy with how this video turned out is how I was able to work in significant moments throughout the night into the dancing and flow in and out of multiple small scenes.

I think this allowed the video to feel more like a small movie and tell the story of the wedding opposed to a more glossy to the point approach.

Overall this was a very fun project as I am personal friends with the groom and I’m happy I was able to document their special day!

This is the second wedding video I shot and edited. I opted to go with a very streamlined approach for this video where the structure was a simple 3 step story arc of

  1. Pre-Ceremony
  2. Wedding-Ceremony
  3. Post-Ceremony

The color grade I aimed for was a subtle pink and aqua. The color grade is defiantly something I would bring up in the future when talking with wedding video clients.

This is the first wedding video I shot and for this video I opted to go with a structure where I tried to make a small movie/short film of the night.

Because of this the video is much longer at around 15 minutes in runtime a longer editing process than a video in the style of the one above was required.

I really did enjoy how this one turned out as it gives the viewer a journey through the night in a way that a more streamlined approach does.

This style may be more fun to watch to those close to the family while acquaintances on social media may enjoy the streamlined approach more.

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