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As of Jan 21st, 2021 the most recent video on this page.

I shot a talented dirt bike rider with a friend of mine that specializes in drone videography and combined the footage we shot to make a short edit as a passion project. All the camera footage is mine while all the drone video is his work and I put together the final edit.

I chose a rock song that was high energy and I felt matched the video well then created a flow throughout the video by slowing down the song to go in and out of chopped and screwed scenes.

Chopped and screwed music is when you remix a song by adding repetition of certain lines often after slowing down and/or pitching down the music.

I tried to edit my footage in a very clean cut way that was high energy and fairly standard. As I was editing the drone footage on the last leg of the video I began flipping the drone footage over and cutting it to the music in a more psychedelic way.

I think this added a cool grand finale to the video and I was really happy with how this video turned out!

I worked on this music video for a friend’s melancholy song Jokester. For this video there were two separate shoots the first was using a old playhouse in a friend’s backyard the second was in the kitchen of another friend’s apartment.

To set design the video and for the costumes we went to the local Goodwill and were able to find everything we needed to create the look and feel I had in mind on a small budget.

I edited the video in a fairly standard way during the performance shots. During the skits on the beginning and end of the video I tried to give it a more surreal feel than the performance takes.

A text animation I did for one of my college classes for a Kanye West verse.

The main things I focused on for the project were to make a background for the text that was inspired by the Kids See Ghosts album cover and displaying the text in a creative way that added a level of visual immersion to the lyrics of the song.

I’m very interested in doing more projects in this style of for music artists going forward if the opportunity presents itself!

This music video was another I made for a friend of mine.

The beginning and end of the video feature a 3D scene I created that goes through a day-night cycle.

For the performance shots I combined footage from a trip to some sand dunes and performance shots of the song from a outdoor location at a state park.

I really liked how this video came together because I feel that the 3D scene and the footage match and create a cohesive experience for the viewer.

I shot this video for a friend out in the country on two separate days. The first day we recorded the main performance shots in a small window called magic hour which is a period of the day after golden hour before the sun sets.

This time of the day adds an interesting feel to the video which I complemented by the way I recorded the performance takes.

I utilized a technique I had heard about where you make a 2x version of the song than slow the video down to 50% in editing so the artists mouth matches the base version of the song but everything around the artist is slowed.

You can see this done in many mainstream music videos and I was really happy with the result.

Overall this video came together really well. The only frustration I had with it was that on the second day where we recorded the car performance takes we only had 1 day left while I was in town and the sky was overcast with clouds.

The third skate video I’ve made. I worked on this one as a class project and got a talented friend of mine to feature in it.

To film it I got a piece of equipment from my school’s film cage that allowed me to hold a camera near the ground while standing straight up.

Using this piece of gear I was able to hold the camera near the ground while long boarding behind the featured skater.

To add a story line to the video I traced out a route around downtown before the day of the shoot and filmed the video in a way which allowed me to make the skater’s progression through the route seamless.

I chose a song that I enjoyed and have no affiliation to the artist. I really enjoyed how this video came out and would love to make another like it!

For this video I created the spaceship scene at beginning and end by sampling various assets I found online and combining them together.

For the main portion of the video I shot a lighthearted scene of some friends having fun in front of a green screen.

On the green screen I created a 3D model of a CD, a record player, and a ramen cup than created color variants for each and made them into a repeating background to put onto the green screen.

This background style was inspired by the backgrounds from one of my favorite video games Mega Man Battle Network for the Gameboy Advance.

I created this music video as a passion project for a friend a few years back.

To make the video I created a 3D scene in Cinema 4D that featured

-A sun with lens flair

-A 3D sign model to show the title of the song

-Animated grass using a wind engine

-Animated clouds

I then altered hue properties for the sun lens flair, glow intensity, and grass hue and timed them to the flow of the song.

I really enjoy making 3D graphics and would love to do a video similar to this as a project for a client!

I’ve always enjoyed 1-take music videos and decided to make one with a friend as a passion project.

The video starts with a simple text write-on animation and then transitions into the one-take video where he followed me holding the camera throughout a coffee shop.

I had some friends add to the video by doing various actions and there were four extras in the video aside from the main artist.

I traced out the route we would walk in and directed the actors on what actions I wanted them to do and when throughout the video.

The video ends with a pan to one of the extras and a 3D model of a coffee cup I created along with another text write on animation ends the video.

This video was a passion project I made for a friend and my first attempt at filming and editing a full music video.

The video starts with a short scene that shows the title of the song and is backed by a VCR sound. Then for the performance shots we did a simple set design using a bunch of cheap candles and many incense sticks in an abandoned warehouse.

While editing the video I had the idea to put a bunch of light static effects on the more intense parts of the track to add emphasis to some of the lines.

I was happy with how this video turned out and used the knowledge I gained from creating it on the future music videos I made.

This is the second skate video I made as a passion project. I spent time with a friend over the course of a few months filming him at various skate spots around the city.

Once I felt I had enough clips I chose a song that I enjoyed and cut the footage to the music.

I was happy with some of the clips I got but this video is over four years old now. I wish I had edited it a bit more concise and snappy as I feel there is quite a bit of dead space in the edit that would disengage the viewer.

The first skate video I created many years ago as a passion project. I shot the footage after school with some friends and decided to have some fun and put it together using a song I like.

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