Increased Difficulty Level // 6/27/2021

One of the first ways I started posting artistic content on the internet was my photography Instagram feed back in 2016 which is @Kyle_A_Spencer

(Kyle_Spencer was taken, I got the domain thought! :p )

Anyways, at first I was posting frequently, sometimes daily. Over the course of the months & years of producing images I naturally got better from where I started and refined my overall approach to creating an Instagram Gallery.

In doing this I also increased the difficulty level for myself in order for an image to be good enough to post. Meeting this quality standard results in a better Instagram feed for people to view but also increases time time and attention required to properly add content to it.

The overall point I want to make is that as you pursue an art you’re going to be able to release less & less content in terms of quantity if you really want to push your vision/style/(whatever you want to call it) forward with each release.

In my opinion, this is necessary and important but it sucks.

I like releasing content and never have any reason not to release something asap other than the quality of the product not being good enough at the current moment.

If you don’t continually advance your approach people are going to say you, “fell off” or whatever else so it’s better to withhold that rush of releasing a new product in order to really put the time in to push yourself forward with each release.

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