The projects on this page are just ones that I considered, “pure graphics” projects. Many of the projects under advertisements & music videos incorporate graphics projects not showcased on this page

I like the concept of giving a subtle animation for a music listener to watch that can be put on a living room TV while the music plays & this was my second try at creating one. To make this animation

I first created a collage of my photography then used a combination of effects in Adobe After Effects to create a glass effect over the collage of photos which I stylized with a colored gradient and graphics.

I animated the photos and glass effect by attaching random number scripts to the various pieces in After Effects so the images blurred in and out and the glass effect evolved overtime.

This animation also doubled as the album cover for Blake’s project. These type of visualizers are something I’d really like to create more of for artists in the future as I feel they’re a fairly new, “genre?” in the video world that has unexplored possibilities.

The first video in this lane that really caught my attention was the one for XO Tour life by Lil Uzi Vert.

This is an animation I made for one of my old instrumentals for a class.

The assignment was to use a set of clip art graphics to make an animation so I used the assets given to me, aligned them in a way I liked.

Next I used blurs to add depth, timed the flashing to the music, added a particle effect in Adobe After Effects, and added the text before finalizing the project.

A text animation I did for one of my college classes for a Kanye West verse.

The main things I focused on for the project were to make a background for the text that was inspired by the Kids See Ghosts album cover and displaying the text in a creative way that added a level of visual immersion to the lyrics of the song.

I’m very interested in doing more projects in this style of for music artists going forward if the opportunity presents itself!

This is the same set of animations I created for the Collage Visualizer but reworked and with one of my old instrumentals in the background.

The reason I have this one on this page is to give an example of myself reworking an old visual project to fit a new piece of music.

This is another repeating animation I created for a friend of mine’s music.

I created all the 3D models in this animation and organized them in a visually pleasing way before adding a simple camera animation around the scene.

This is all done in 3D software so if you’re interested in a piece such as this for your music the main distinction I’d ask you first is if you’re interested in a 2D or 3D animation

A 3D animation requires substantially more time than a 2D one which leads to higher cost.

This is another 2D visualizer I created for a friend of mines’ work using Adobe After effects.

From what I learned from creating this visualizer I built on to create the Collage one so this would be a first evolution of sorts.

This info graphic style video was something I created in a single class session while at film school for the day’s assignment.

I didn’t draw the assets used in this video but instead was focused on the movement and flow of the animation.

One of the older videos on this page this photo is one I took years ago and had the idea to try to add some sort of movement to as if it was a video clip.

I only did two things that added movement to the photo which were adding smoke rising out of the vent and making the sunny area in the photo light up and darken as if a cloud was passing overhead.

Easily the most outlandish thing on this page, this short animation was created for a class project.

There are some fairly interesting pieces to this animation such as making the deer, creature in the center, and dog come to life by adding and animating simple character rigs for each one.

A simple text animation I created for a class project years ago

A simple text animation I created for a class project years ago

A simple text animation I created for a class project years ago and a good quote to end the page with.

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