Mask Madness // 4/1/2021

At this point I’m burnt out on talking about how annoying the whole mask thing is. I can’t think of any new ways to ridicule it and it’s clear that both sides of the argument have dug in their heels on their opinions, (including myself). However, due to the degree of absurdity myself and others […]

Carmel Candy Bars // 3/24/2021

A girl named Arika is having her 16th birthday party. Her parents got her a two year old, high quality SUV but she has a scarce amount of friends to give rides to with her newfound freedom. She has a kind heart but a mild mental/physical disability has made her a bit socially clumsy. She’s […]

Talking To God // 3/21/2021

I’ve been thinking about a problem that a few different people have brought up to me regarding the Catholic Church, that I agree with what they’re saying and that I think I can offer some really basic advice to anyone that has a misconception regarding how to pray. The problem with the Catholic church that’s […]

The use for the NFT & Cryptocurrency // 3/17/2021

For years I was sort of stumped on understanding how cryptocurrency could be utilized. I understood the core principle, that the blockchain could check itself for fraudulent transactions, but didn’t really see the potential. I always went out of my way to talk to others about crypto when there was an opportunity and would ask […]