The Thing We Can All Agree On // 6/27/2021

A few years ago I spent an unhealthy amount of time making this film

The climax of the script was introducing a middle of the road argument for immigration in the USA that was tolerable enough for people on either side to accept.

I chose that because I feel the disagreement between the left & right about immigration is the cornerstone of the division we are all currently experiencing in the USA

I believe if there was a real understanding made resulting in people on both sides laying the issue to rest the overall momentum of the USA may begin to drift away from the aggressive division we all currently experience.

It may not be noticeable at first but I believe that a countrywide agreement on this one issue could have a huge impact in 10+ years due to the mental re-orientation an agreement on the issue would signify.

Since finishing this film I’ve definitely relaxed about the political stuff & while I watch how things change day to day I don’t go to sleep listening to conspiracy theory videos anymore.

I’ve been thinking more broadly about what, as a society, we can all truly agree on. I want to zoom out from the discussion on how to unite everybody on politics.

I believe the biggest agreeable thing we can all latch onto (other than Jesus) is that a healthy society’s purpose, above everything else, is to raise the children within the society to create the most healthy, hardworking, morally sound adults possible.

This sounds simple but we see massive swaths of people growing up and ending up as mentally deranged adults that want to, among other things, change their child’s gender, give prescription medication to 2nd graders (adderall)

and generally, are emotionally unstable.

This emotional instability results in violent crime at one extreme & anti-depressant meds at the other.

There are a multitude of reasons for the negative behaviors above being prevalent, this includes topics such as media brainwashing and the public school system.

These topics are best addressed by full analytical books.

My main point is that

— society’s primary goal should be to create an environment for it’s youth to thrive —

we can all at least agree on that, right?

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