About Me //

Thanks for coming to my website!

The purpose of this site is to provide a landing page for people who would like to work with me (either for passion projects or hire me) and showcase my work all in one place.

I believe that having your own website where you can control the environment is essential for a modern creative.

You can not truly control the online environment you are operating within when using any middleman site such as YouTube, Spotify, etc to host and generate revenue from your work. I view this website itself as an artistic endeavor where I want to show how you can create your own storefront for whatever services you can provide in a way unique to your particular skill set.

While I can see some people being off-put by me somewhat boldly using my name as the domain instead of coming up with a business concept I think it’s important to remember that as a creative you, (your style) are your secret recipe and the main asset you are offering to potential clients or collaborators. So when looking through this lens I believe that using your own name for your core creative business is very natural.

So… “About me”!

1. I’m 23, my favorite things to do are make music and videos

2. My goal is to have luxury of time (within reason) and work on whatever project I want at the time (within reason)

3. Follow the Bible & common sense

That’s the end of the, “about me&about the website” portion The rest of the page will be a mixture of writing I will add overtime whenever I have something I think fits! Thanks for visiting my site! 🙂


How to find interviews

1. Think outside the brick + mortar locations you’ve stood inside of/ you’ve been in for some sort of small occasion before

2. Don’t be afraid of rejection

3. Name, Phone, Email

4. Actually going in somewhere for the initial interaction should work if the interaction is meant to be

5. This doesn’t apply for countries other than your home one (maybe it does sometimes)

6. Pay anyone that helps you back in some sort of currency (preferably precious metals since the people that source them and control the paper contract market are artificially deflating them, I Think)

7. Is there anywhere you blend in that you could go? Ex: I was a collage student during the time period mentioned so either a collage medical campus or a collage campus would work

8. Peoples time is extremely valuable, possibly less so in the moment? and especially when they’ve set a time

9. Go to a central location

10. Be fun and fill the air

11. Eye contact

12. Be honest and b3y0urs315 .

Take action today and get the bag!

How to live with other people

I think in the event of their being no deal breakers on living with somebody, (such as someone stealing from you), the next biggest conflict comes from the cleanliness of the house.

This is how I think you can make that go smoothly

Do the bare minimum for the person who is the most of a neat freak to only have an outburst only once every month about the cleanliness of the living space. If they have insane expectations for the people around them, call them insane.

If the most clean person is you do the bare minimum to make the living space tolerable for you for the duration of your time there.

You can’t change other people, that’s the main piece of advice I want to give. Not that you should bow to anyone but God.