In terms of creating video content that can be valuable for others I think one of my strengths is being able to distill down the main points and strengths of any given business into a concise 30 second – 2 minute video.

The main two uses of this type of video would be

  1. Run the video as an advertisement on a site such as Facebook and use the video as a tool to drive traffic to a product landing page or forum to hire you.
  2. On a page that already is having traffic driven to it to give people a visual option to see what makes your business valuable.

If you would like me to create an advertisement for your business keep in mind what purpose you would like to utilize the video for when we are discussing what I will be making for you!

I created this video for a good friend of mine Sean Boyer who owns a food truck in Denver Colorado. For this video I went and shot an interview as well as b-roll of the food truck then created a graphics package consisting of a 3D version of his logo and a transition that fit the stylizing of his food truck. I also used some 3D social media logo cube assets I previously created to highlight the @ of his business. This video was created to simultaneously be an advertisement as well as showcase the personality of the owner.

This is an advertisement I created to market a product called D Glass Coat which is a glass hardening agent. For this project I created an animated 3D version of the company logo and 3D modeled my first car in C4D to use to showcase the product. I also filmed a product test to showcase how the glass hardener can protect from damage from debris.

Owner Interview Video
Showcase Video

A really interesting business I got an opportunity to work with was MPW Strategies. Essentially what they do is show non-profits new and innovative methods to generate more donations which will allow the non-profit to further their mission.

For this video I shot interviews of both the owners as well as two client testimonials & turned their logo into a 3d animation to add a professional touch to the editing of the video.

I created two final videos for this business, one in the form of a video focusing on just the owners and the other mixing together the footage of the owners with the client testimonials.

As I described at the beginning of these page there are multiple ways to utilize a piece of video content. I think the client testimonial/showcase video would work better as an advertisement while the owner interview video would be better suited to give visitors to a webpage an audio/visual way to see what your business has to offer.

This is another video I created for the product Dglass coat.

This video started with a scientific description of how the product works that included a 3D visual aid I created to exemplify the functionality of the product and present the product in a professional way.

Then I moved onto putting together the footage from the tests I shot of the product. The main thing I would mention regarding the second half of the video was that I decided to aim at giving people a relaxing visual experience to watch in order to see the product getting tested opposed to putting a voice-over in that would cut through then flow of the video.

This video was another video I made to showcase Dglass coat and was a very straightforward drop test video. I tried to create a relaxing atmosphere for the video by using blur transitions and a catchy music piece I bought from a friend.

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