The inverted female // 6/11/2021

I was talking to a woman that isn’t insane and I realized something.

I want to outline two different imaginary females and then tie the observations together into one main point.

The female’s natural state

In a hunter gatherer context woman needed men because they needed someone to protect them while they were pregnant as well as in the time after giving birth.

Because of this, the natural state of the female is to be in search of an environment that primarily offers calm and safety.

Note: having money can potentially indicate calm and safety so up to a certain point it makes complete sense why woman want a person to have some money. Just like anything else though there’s a balance and a woman expecting a man to have an exorbitant amount of money is unreasonable.

The inverted female

If the natural state of a woman is flipped, instead of gravitating towards a stable every day life and safe location a woman will gravitate towards getting the biggest rush she possibly can in the moment – regardless of the consequence.

I don’t want to ramble on getting into specific hypothetical scenarios where you can see woman functioning on this wavelength but in 2021 but it’s very obvious and examples can be seen daily.

To tie these two categories together-

I think the way that our pop culture and society is influencing people is causing many woman to be functioning on this inverted wavelength when they become adults.

This is causing a variety of negative effects on everyone and is leading to negative conclusions such as single parent households and infidelity in relationships.

The female’s natural state, (hunter gatherer) is supposed to be to find someone to take care of them & seek a safe environment to be in while they’re reproducing.

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