Talking To God // 3/21/2021

I’ve been thinking about a problem that a few different people have brought up to me regarding the Catholic Church, that I agree with what they’re saying and that I think I can offer some really basic advice to anyone that has a misconception regarding how to pray. The problem with the Catholic church that’s […]

The use for the NFT & Cryptocurrency // 3/17/2021

For years I was sort of stumped on understanding how cryptocurrency could be utilized. I understood the core principle, that the blockchain could check itself for fraudulent transactions, but didn’t really see the potential. I always went out of my way to talk to others about crypto when there was an opportunity and would ask […]

parallel-childhoods // 3/14/2021

FICTION A boy is born to a couple and his name is August. It’s their first child so they are determined to do everything perfectly. They are both high achieving people at their respective corporate jobs and already have a 5 bedroom house despite only using one of the bedrooms. They waited until they were […]

Drifting Towards Knowledge // 3/12/2021

FICTION A young man is working as a checkout clerk at a grocery store. He’s been at this job for about 4 months now and already getting sick of it. Before his current job he worked a moving company, bringing furniture into peoples homes, before that a delivery driver, and before that he graduated collage […]

Magnetic // 3/9/2021

FICTION A young man is standing at railroad station and anxiously awaiting on the arrival of the train he is scheduled to be on. As he looks around he marvels at the clean aluminum that the entire station is built and designed with. The roof and pillars are all a matte grey that still has […]

What’s the correct medium // 3/10/2021

What I’m going to be talking about in this post is how certain mediums, writing, audiobooks, music, and video are all better and worse suited for different types of content. Hopefully, the main takeaway for the reader will be to help you think more about how to optimize any communication medium you use, including one […]

Why I’m Catholic // 3/2/2021

As I’ve been getting more and more committed to my faith and having more frequent conversations with other religious people something that’s came up repeatedly is people trying to debate/argue with me about the best way believe in Jesus. I’ve taken people to Catholic church with me only to have them say afterwards that they’re […]

The False Hero’s Journey // 2/23/2021

Something I’ve been trying to articulate for awhile is how and why people, especially when they are young, get sucked into a cycle of constantly going out and drinking late into the night. Now before I get into the ideas I want to present in this post let me preface by saying that I’ve gone […]

Artistic Fuel

One thing I’ve been trying to figure out passively ever since I got really into making audio/visual content is how can I have more good ideas? How can I accelerate the rate at which I think of novel ideas to put into the creation of an artistic product? I’m not giving advice in this post […]

The Warrior Mentality // 2/6/2021

This is not my idea, the concept has been around for a very long time. Let me begin by stating this only applies to men as men and women are different irregardless of what society tries to tell us. If you fall into the category of being a man, one of the two genders, when […]