Santa Clause is the Crown Jewel of Consumerism // 1/4/2021

I was watching a Christmas movie with some friends a few weeks ago and due to some of the ideas presented in the movie I realized that Christmas, and the false idol that represents it is the crown jewel of the year long cycle of consumerism.

So to backtrack for a brief moment, I prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas as a holiday because of the more relaxed atmosphere it creates. The holiday is essentially Christmas without the added layer of pressure to get each of your loved ones a consumer good (present). Because of this I think Thanksgiving is a time when we focus entirely on what matters (human relationships) without passing a, “test”.

The mascot of this yearly gauntlet of both affording and correctly choosing gifts is the gluttonous heathen Santa clause that stuffs his face with cookies while using his supernatural (godly) powers to create and deliver gifts to everyone.

He acts as an omnipotent diety that lives for eternity and spies on you & your children throughout the year to judge if your actions warrant a dose of new worldly goods before the year comes to a close.

He essentially plays the role of the real God in the minds of the heathenistic masses by keeping them in line. But instead of eternal salvation being the prize you’re goal is to be a good person for the sole purpose of indulging in a sea of boxes containing the latest apple products.

This goal is completely based in the here and now and in the physical world. While Santa may have supernatural powers the entire goal for the Santa disciple is to indulge and be gluttonous through his supernatural powers. Not to live enough in his image that you may join him (like how the real God works).

Obviously grown adults don’t continue to believe in Santa but they are encouraged by their Santa programming they receive as children as well as societal pressures to indoctrinate their children into the santa/consumer cult.

Instead of teaching them prayers parents will teach their children to pray to Santa by writing a Christmas list and mailing it out, asking him for gifts while sitting on his lap in the middle of his church (the mall) or by leaving him an offering (cookies).

This cult’s central tenets are to go into debt to provide fleeting enjoyment to your loved ones and show people how much you love them by how well you study your consumer interests throughout the year.

Essentially, the Christmas without Jesus final exam of the years pop culture and consumer trends before getting blackout drunk on new years and having sexual relations with a stranger.

This….. unfortunately….. is the way our society has chosen to celebrate the birthday of our real lord and savior Jesus Christ.

So is Santa necessary bad? No, of course not. But as I describe in the previous paragraph what I see Santa as is a bastardized replica of belief in the Holy trinity.

Santa provides the latest Iphone and credit card debt while the real God provides life force, creativity, and bravery in the present & eternal afterlife after one’s time on this earth is over.

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