De/Culturalization // 4//26//2020

I think that the best way to sum up the type of destruction that the evil (satanic) powers at be have been exerting on the western world for some time now is that an overall plan of deculturalization has been being meticulously exerted onto the western world. I believe this kicked off sometime between 1890ish and 1913 with the creation of the federal reserve in the USA.

I think that things really started to come together and allow for increased acceleration around the end of World War II.

I think that this plan isn’t so much a coordinated plan by man in the way that establishing a worldwide central bank is but instead is a combination of corrupted humans exerting evil in erratic ways in whatever capacity they are able to with the position they ended up at in the world.

In the unseen world there are satanic gremlins moving many pieces in place in a more intentional manner whos goal is complete deculturalization leading to the destruction of western societies.

While there are organized cults made up of very intelligent people working with coordination and malice towards the well being of the 99.99% these groups can only become so big without risking their true intentions coming out.

Therefor I believe so competing cults likely often need to work together for periods of time even if they aren’t truly on the same team, there’s no honor among thieves.

When you look at the textbook definition of deculturalization the image portrayed sounds as if it is referring to a foreign army invading a capital city of a country, assassinating the king, and proceeding to use force on the native population to make them accept the destruction their churches, order abandonment of their traditions, and learn the language of the invaders while avoiding speaking in their own.

This is a more barbaric, more direct, less all encompassing and less soul crushing, and….more honest? version of what I see currently happening to the western world.

The set of actions taken by the figurative invaders are all happening to the USA and wider western world as we speak. However, this invasion is occurring in the minds and subconscious of the native population and the new terms by which one inhabits the invaded society are being accepted consensually instead of forced upon the population.

Before I get to specific examples of places I see the evidence of deculturalization in westeren societies I think it’s important to start with how people could even get to the point where they would consensually accept their culture being dismantled while not noticing what is happening right before their eyes.

What needed to happen in order for the population to consent to deculturalization is that the idea of being American needed to be watered down and tarnished. The major ways that this has been done are

-1 Creating the idea that America is a nation of immigrants – What this does is it means that anyone fits the definition of an American regardless of how they feel about America or how long that they have been here. There are no prerequisites to becoming American such as agreeing with the values outlined in the constitution

-2 using the prior point as leverage to create the consensus that America is essentially stolen land

-3 A lack of planting the seeds of pride in the youth of the nation throughout a child’s younger years – A good example of this is public schools being apathetic to whether students do or don’t stand for the pledge of allegiance

-4 Either conspiring to create events and spinning the outcome in a certain way that contradicts core values outlined in the constitution using mass media or leveraging an event that occurs organically and spinning the outcome towards a desired angle (ex: 2nd amendment, gun rights) This combined with #3 is the recipe for creating lime green and blue haired 22 year old liberals that go to the mat arguing against the core principles of being American.

Using these weapons as primer what occurs next is the country slowly and surely rots from within. The population has there attention splintered and directed towards areas such as being a diehard fan of a regional sports team, gaining their identity from a specific genre of music, idolizing the movie&tv culture of actors and directors out of Hollywood, gaining their identity from a subculture such as Harley Davidson riders or skateboarding.

While the things listed above are by no means bad hobbies or ways to spend time what I am getting at is if you asked people a question such as, “what makes you who you are?” I would expect 50% or more people in America today to list multiple of their favorite things to do or watch prior to saying that, “being an American is an integral part to me as a person” if they said something like that at all.

At this point, when the majority of people in a country don’t identify with the core idea of what the country they live in represents they have essentially been brought to their knees. If a countries army and the citizens within a countries population centers are full of people that don’t even know what the country they are defending represents than the country has essentially became a paper tiger.

The country can have massive swaths of land, or be rich in physical resources and have the best technology but if the core idea of being an American is gone than what is left?

I believe this is the time period we are currently living through, the core idea of being an American has been eroded to such an extent that deep cracks that have been forming for decades are beginning to split apart. The universities are full of young people that have no loyalty to the country, half of the countries political leaders openly and actively advocate for ideas that basic common sense shows will be detrimental to the country long term, and an individual that shows pride and passion for the country seems out of place, many younger people may even consider such patriotism, “cringe”.

So where do things go from here? #1 – I’m not sure myself. I’ve listened to smart people such as Vox Day talk about how globalism has destroyed America and made it no longer American and this may cause the country to split in the coming decades, I know of the concept of the life cycle of empires and see that America is definitely in the last stages of overall decline following a period of extreme decadence (roughly 1950-2010), and I can observe the younger generation of people my age actively advocating against America first ideas.

However, in contrast, I am from the Midwest and I know that many people in the more rural areas of the country still hold the idea of being American dear to their hearts, I see that Trump has reinvigorated his entire voter base to not only have hope but to feel patriotic, and I see the strength America still has in terms of infrastructure, wealth, and resources.

So where do things go from here? #2 – Well if Q is real and the storm really does occur than I believe their is a chance that the half of the country that thinks America is evil may see the light regarding the blessings America offers to its citizens and be motivated to take action in order to maintain these blessings for the future generations. However, I don’t know how people will react until if/when the storm occurs. If people in the country see a cult of politicians/puppet masters arrested before their eyes will this result in the old ideas of being American reemerging or will they be happy that these people are gone but continue to advocate for emotion based pipe dreams such as open borders or free everything for all.

What can we do about this? – Yuri Bezmenov states in his famous recorded talks that once a generation of citizens is educated in a marxist based school system the only way to heal the country is to educate a new generation of partiotic minded citizens that have pride in the country and this takes 10-20 years so if the education curriculum could be adjusted to where the children coming out of schools across the country were being taught reasons to value being an American this may allow for the country to revitalize itself.

Watch the Full Yuri Bezmenov presentation here

If I could make one change/start one new thing that I believe would take massive steps towards solving this problem I would mandate that every student across the country go to a less fortunate area of the world for 1 week of mission work free of charge at some point throughout their 4 years in high school. While this would most definitely cost taxpayer money I think it would cause a massive shift in attitude throughout the minds of the entire population. It’s one thing to see photos of slums in a foreign country but when you are physically there and taking in the environment with your own senses it impacts you in a much more deep and lasting way. This idea is inspired heavily by the way NYC decreased crime in a significant way

(SEE The Mounting Evidence That Broken Windows Works SUBSECTION IN THIS ARTICLE:

What the students would be doing in the country really isn’t important, although providing some sort of benefit to the host country would obviously be a huge plus. The important part is that they get a short but potent dose of the reality of life in an area where things get much worse than anywhere in America then come back to their everyday lives here with that added perspective.

What can I do? – I make videos and music and attempting to give people the feeling of what being American is supposed to mean is something I have done extensively with my work and will continue to do in the future. I would love to take more direct action in the future to launch the program I described above but don’t know how to accomplish something like that.

For people that are inclined to spread the message of patriotism and attempt to aid in reinvigorating our culture but don’t have a creative outlet to do so I would highly recommend simply getting involved in some sort of group that helps the community. I intend on volunteering at religious based organizations in the coming years and I believe this is a good place to start.

In conclusion, things really are bad right now from my perspective. I don’t see much patriotism in the densely populated urban areas and the people that are publicly advocating for putting America first and that love America seem to generally be older than younger. If there is a sort of information singularity caused by, “the storm” I hope that many younger people will see the light and understand that America is something we should cherish and not resent. I will keep going out of my way to advocate for America regardless of how bad or good things get in the future and will keep a optimistic attitude when doing so.

If you are reading this and agree with me & my perspective on all this I suggest you do the same and don’t get discouraged. One person truly having a good attitude can improve the world around them in a massive way without ever realizing the scope of their influence.

“Somebody changin’ the world, it only takes one”


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