Voodoo Energy & Witchcraft // 1/17/2021

Something that I’ve grown more and more thankful to God for as I get older is that I was born in the center of the country.

Growing up in the Midwest I didn’t really think much about how the area I was from compared to the rest of the country in terms of quality of life and the actual culture but as I’ve grown older I began to pay attention to and study these things as a sort of passive hobby.

  • What is this area like for the people that live here?
  • How does this climate influence how the population here act?
  • How do people here feel when it’s sunny and 75 degrees on Christmas day?

Overtime, I’ve came to the conclusion that in the USA there is a sort of Voodoo (Satanic) Gradient that could be thought of as a heat map and the Midwest region of the country is the green zone.

As you go away from the Midwest in any direction the heat map gets more and more red and the voodoo (satanic) energy gets stronger & the population as a whole is impacted by this energy in a more extreme way.

While going North towards Minnesota there is really no nexus of this energy as the top of the country is for the most part fairly rural and the Midwestern lifestyle is intact

When you go East, West, or South this gradient increases (Generally). If I had to put a specific city at the core of the heat map in any direction the three that come to mind are
Los Angeles (Lost Angels) – West
New Orleans – South
Washington DC – East

Based on my ability to observe things in a passive sort of way these are the nexus’ of this energy but the general trend towards the population being influenced towards abnormal amounts of degeneracy is more-so what this post is about.

I believe the worst of these Nexus’ is likely Los Angeles and the least extreme of these three is likely New Orleans.

So in my own personal life I moved to Denver about 5 years ago and while this city was not LA and isn’t even close to it, I do believe when you travel west from the center of the country this is the area where the gradient I described earlier really starts to pick up in intensity.

I didn’t think about any of this for the first couple years living there but overtime I began to grow disenfranchised with Denver for reasons I found hard to put into words at first

I think the best way to put this feeling into words was I began to pick up on and reject the type of negative & evil energy that is more-so present in Denver than my home.

The last personal aspect of this I’ll touch on is I’m unbelievably grateful that I wasn’t able to make it to somewhere even more influenced by Satan than Denver.

Back when I moved out to Denver I would have loved to have moved to a city such as LA and I shudder at the things I may have done to destroy my soul while living there.

Obviously, this gradient I am describing is a general rule and there are amazing God fearing people even in the core of Los Angeles and in towns scattered throughout the edges of the country.

So, if this gradient is real, which I think it is….. the next question is why?

What are the factors that make the middle and northern parts of the country more resilient to being influenced by the zany ideas that are more readily accepted on the coasts?

The thing that comes to my mind is beaches and more specifically the lack of seasons. When referring to the worst of the cities described (LA) the weather is essentially summer year long.

In the center of the country the city that many would point to as a counter argument for my overall point, (Chicago) is still on a beach of one of the great lakes. So this is a spot in the Midwest where, for the warm part of the year, you could create the illusion of being on a coastal city.

So more broadly, I guess you could say that comfort and ease of survival are a catalyst for accepting satan into your mind and life.

As I write this I’m thinking through this idea on a deeper level than I had previously and I think the best way to tie things together is point you towards Derek Prince.

I began watching many of his sermons awhile back and while he unfortunately passed away many of the ideas he preached are things that we can see coming to a head in 2021.

I don’t believe he was a priest as I think he was married but more-so was a religious man that used religion as a way to make sense of the modern world and America.

I’m not sure which of his sermons this was in but I remember listening to him say that he believes the biggest threat to America isn’t communism but instead is witchcraft.

Witchcraft defined in this way isn’t a women spinning a cauldron and either one of the two genders could use it.

Instead, it’s the form of poisonous ideas being put into the minds of Americans through mass media.

From my perspective, the areas of the country most readily accepting this witchcraft are the ones where it is the most comfortable and in a hunter gather scenario, would be the most difficult to survive in.

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