The Warrior Mentality // 2/6/2021

This is not my idea, the concept has been around for a very long time.

Let me begin by stating this only applies to men as men and women are different irregardless of what society tries to tell us.

If you fall into the category of being a man, one of the two genders, when should you start looking for a significant other to spend the rest of your life with?

I used to always want to have a women in my life because I wanted a constant supply of premarital sexual gratification, but those days are gone. So if I take that out of the equation when is the time where I should start trying to find someone to be with?

At this point I think it’s important to note the difference between the things men and women use to attract a mate

Men primarily attract a mate using their life experiences, their accomplishments, their skills and being a well rounded person that has built themselves up.

Women primarily attract

a mate through looking fertile to the opposite sex and being the ultimate partner to whatever a man is doing

If this offends you, remember that I don’t make the rules. God does.

Alexander Grace has a video where he approaches this topic from another angle

Basically he states that men are an island that tries to build itself up in a significant enough way that a boat (women) comes and lands at the island.

This is why, as a man, you shouldn’t readjust who you are, (WITHIN REASON) to attract a women.

If you do this, fake having a certain sense of humor, a certain hobby, etc you will either be exposed in time after the honeymoon phase of the relationship or you’ll need to fake this part about yourself until the day you die. That doesn’t sound very fun.

Women have an ability to mold themselves to a man without even realizing it.

Not that they completely change, and you should never as or ask a women to do that, but morso they can mold themselves by making mild adjustments to certain parts of who they are to fit into their man’s life.

example: a women moves to where a man is because he has a long term goal specifically related to that location

So, let’s back up to the primary ways men attract each other. I’m not giving advice to women as I feel that’s a women’s job, to give advice to young girls as far as how to find a good man.

This women does a really good job at doing this.

Instead, for the men.

I can’t remember where I heard this piece of information but it’s stuck with me for a long time now.

In past societies, I think Rome, how things would work is that men would often go off to war and they would return around 25 years old. Typically, at this point they would marry a women in the 18-20yr old range.

So the man would leave and rack up some accomplishments before returning as a well rounded person with life experience, achievements, stories, etc and be a candidate for attracting a high quality women.

This isn’t the answer a lot of guys want because being alone is lonely. But from what I’ve seen in myself, my progress towards becoming a confident & successful man is multiplied in speed when I’m single & not having casual sex.

You gotta attain something brother.


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