I’m Cool. // 2/2/2020

Today we’re not going to be talking about me, instead about how important it is to consider the…. packaging.

By packaging I mean the way something is presented to the viewer, a combination of the way it sounds, looks, etc.

I was talking to a friend of mine about cryptocurrency. While I’m by no means well versed in crypto what I know for sure is…

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency and it doesn’t have the best features.

Let me show you some slides…..

as of 2-2-2021, from coinbase.com

As we can see here, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency by far. So what are the competitors?

from coinbase.com

So this crypto is tied to the value of bitcoin by some sort of group of 30 people, (WHO ARE THEY AND WHO GAVE THEM THAT AUTHORITY?)

The stated purpose is to give bitcoin owners the ability to participate in the Ethereum blockchain? So what is ethereum you may ask?

It’s a different crypto

  1. Why can’t you participate in the Ethereum blockchain with your bitcoin and not use this… middleman?
  2. Why doesn’t Bitcoin support, “decentralized finance apps”? isn’t that an important part of what a crypto is supposed to be?
  3. Could this support be added to Bitcoin at a future date to allow it to compete with Ethereum instead of requiring this 3rd party middle man crypto to add in the feature as if it’s a plugin?

I don’t know the answer to any of this stuff, this is my stream of conscious as I’m looking at this information.

If this crypto is acting as a way to make Bitcoin act as Ethereum let’s see what makes Bitcoin unique.

from coinbase.com
  1. The world’s first crypto (cool?)
  2. Stored on the blockchain (isn’t every other crypto?)
  3. Divisible into smaller units (…Seems pretty standard)

Now let’s look at Ethereum

from coinbase.com

So, like Bitcoin, it’s also stored on the blockchain, but has the added benefit that it allows developers to create decentralized applications

If you don’t see what I’m getting at…

Why is Bitcoin so valuable if it has less features than other cryptos.

So many less features that a team of developers took it upon themselves, for free?

to make a middle man crypto that allows Bitcoin to be used as a crypto which has features Bitcoin doesn’t?

Because Bitcoin has a cool name and was the first crypto so that’s the one that the masses flocked to.

At least that’s what it seems like to me, but maybe I’m missing something, I’m not a crypto expert.

When people want to use a computer search engine what do they say?

Google that!

When people watch a video streaming service what do they say?

I’m watching Netflix

When people make jokes about cryptocurrency which one do they bring up?


case and point

What these things have in common are that they’re the cool thing to say.

I don’t agree with it because Google is run by the people who want all our genetic code, Netflix promotes transgender children/child abuse, and Bitcoin seemingly has less features than other cryptos.

But that’s just my opinion. I don’t get to decide which of these things people gravitate towards but I can observe the commonalities between why people gravitate towards these subpar products.

I think in time people will cut out the middle man and the value of whatever crypto actually provides the features a crypto should provide will skyrocket.

This could take a long time though.

I personally have 25$ in Filecoin and 25$ in Ethereum

Whatever new crypto this is will need to overcome the momentum Bitcoin has as well as the cool factor Bitcoin has connected to it & this could be a daunting task.

Like it or not the packaging and the cool factor for a product is extremely important.

I once bought the PS Vita on launch day because it had a back touchpad, touch screen, dual joysticks and was comfortable to hold.

However, the 3DS had the cool factor due to games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

To conclude this, I will talk about myself, Because I’m Cool and people want me to!

Inside, I’m probably similar to you if you’re, 1. spending the time browsing a video steaming site (video version) or 2. checking out stranger’s websites on the internet (written version of this post).

I’m often not in the mood to talk to others these days due to the state of things on the globe and the reality of it so I’d rather sit in my bedroom on my computer and make stuff because it gets harder everyday to find common things to really connect with others about.

However, I’ve been practicing looking and sounding cool for awhile.

It’s cool to sound confident and to look graceful & I think if I do those things with music and video for long enough maybe I’ll become the two things listed? despite how I may feel inside & irregardless of whether or not the world wakes up to the cult.



  1. If there are blockchain apps that use Ethereum or other cryptos as a currency Bitcoin could be the, “US Dollar” of this system and be the base crypto currency that acts as a crossroads for other cryptos.
  2. Bitcoin has the code closed and cannot be changed anymore. There is a chance that future changes to Ethereum could result in the value tanking due to an update breaking it or upsetting investors/miners for a variety of reasons.
  3. BTC has more mass adoption linking it in with a variety of purchasing/payment processor type services at the moment.

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