Putting on a mask // 1/22/2021

I’m not going to be talking about the covid mask here, as much as I hate them and view them as

  1. A muzzle
  2. A tool to take away your humanity & dignity

Instead, this is going to be the sister post to my other blog post from today, Artistic Recipe.

In that post I talked about how I can be in front of the camera and not need to put a mask on because I know I will present myself in a way that I’m comfortable with. (That was a lot of I’s)

In the past, I was working at a sales job where I would cold approach people in a store and sell them solar panels.

I often found myself exhausted at the end of the day and this made no sense to me.

Let me back up and explain.

Prior to working this sales job I was a valet and depending on what location I was at, often I would need to run many wind sprints throughout the course of my shift while traveling to and from the parking lot.

I would be stationed out in the cold many days during the winter and pace around to keep warm between cars showing up.

Don’t feel sorry for me, I actually enjoyed this job because even when it was cold I found being outside relaxing and I enjoyed getting paid while getting a cardio workout in.

The point I’m getting at though is that I would typically get off work and not be tired, instead often energized.

When I left that job and started doing sales I often found myself exhausted by the end of my shift.

The exhaustion was on a deep level that would result in me going home and passing out in my bed.

This was perplexing to me at first.

While I would be walking around the store all day, the job required nowhere near the amount of physical exertion as being a valet often demanded and I was in a warm store not outdoors.

The conclusion I came to was that the exhaustion I felt at the end of the day was the result of putting on a mask.

I never really believed in the product I was selling so when I would talk to people in the store and attempt to sign them up for a solar consultation I was doing so through a metaphorical mask.

While I was successful at this job I was never selling the product from a place where I believed it was what was best for the customer, instead it was from a place of putting up higher numbers to please my bank account.

The main point of this post is that you will drain yourself on a level that is past physical exertion if you are spending your life wearing a mask.

The way to have the most drive, energy, and vitality, from what I can tell, is to be acting as a pure and honest version of yourself.

To summarize in the fewest words possible, Masks Suck!

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