I Choose You! // 4/26/2021

I was talking to somebody the other day about how there’s different major categories of people you have a sort of deep seated & unconditional love for.

Some people that you have this type of relationship with you’re born with. This includes your parents, siblings, and extended family.

Then, there’s the people that you gain later on in life that fall under this category. This includes family in law, children, and one other category.

While you’re obviously going to have a certain type of special relationship with these people you don’t get to choose who fills the roles I just mentioned. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the way it goes. You get what you get with your parents, siblings, children, etc.

However, the people you have an unconditional love for aren’t completely randomly assigned. You do get one person that you get to choose that you have this type of relationship with.

Well rather, you choose each other.

If you get married, (& I hope you do) you get to choose your spouse and obviously they’re in the category of people that you have an unconditional love for.

To choose right though, and to have the right person choose you, you need to start by holding yourself to a standard you want another person to hold themselves to in whatever traits are important to you.

Otherwise you’re a hypocrite *yuck*

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