How to not trigger crazy people // 4/20/2021

In America in 2021 we live in a world packed full of hyper sensitive people that go about there day to day lives acting like clueless puppies.

They respond to stimuli around them in the most baseline and emotional ways without ever stopping to think through any topic. Instead, their mental focus is entirely on how they can drink more Starbucks Frappachinos, watch more Netflix, and smoke more dabs while loudly talking about pop culture and extract more per-marital sexual stimulation from the world around them.

If the lifestyle I just described disgusts you, you likely think more freely than most and may have actual opinions about the world around you.

This is where the problem appears.

You, as someone with actual thoughts and opinions, like to voice your various opinions and discuss them with those around you to incite intellectual stimulation for both parties. However, you are living in a world filled with frappacino chugging mouth-breathers.

These people are often human trip mines. Say the wrong thing while around them in person or online and they’ll take it upon themselves to try to destroy your relationship with your significant other, get you fired from your job, or both.

What I’m going to be discussing in this post is a few tips and tricks to be able to live a functional life & survive while making as wide a circle as possible around the army of heathens that’s been created by Hollywood.

First, let me give my best rational why these people feel so sure in their opinions that they will try to destroy your entire life if you trigger them.

Basically, they are running a computer program in their brains that has been installed via mass media/Satan and they view any conflict to the source code of this program as a violation of their religion doctrine.

Therefore, the simplest way of articulating it is that they view themselves as religious missionaries of their Satanic ideas. Destroying various parts of your life is like putting a 20$ bill in a Church collection basket & the more destruction the more metaphorical money they are contributing to their church.

Now, onto the tips.

In life you need to be financially stable or you’ll starve so one good strategy to be able to make money while not suffering through listening to brainwashed people is to work at jobs where you can communicate with others a minimal amount or in ways that don’t result in you talking about how you view the world.

What you’re trying to avoid isn’t talking to customers as most interactions with customers will be on a surface level and not get into any personal opinions. The danger lies in being around coworkers for prolonged periods of time over the course of weeks and months at which point you can potentially slip up, state an opinion that triggers them to attempt to destroy your life.

To do this avoid working at jobs where there is substantial amounts of downtime to talk. Retail jobs at clothing stores and jobs where you can stand around in a kitchen and talk are both good examples of places like this. Some corporate office environments may also cause you to have substantial time to talk to coworkers about topics not related to work.

One way to approach avoiding these environments is to get a job where you spend your day in isolation. Examples of this are being a valet, delivery driver, or security guard.

If you don’t like working alone, a job where you are preoccupied with short customer interactions such as a card dealer/sales person or working at a job that requires you and your coworkers mental focus & actual teamwork to accomplish the task at hand.

Examples include construction a set and strike job or certain office jobs.

Moving on, the next tip is to have a mental bank of movie quotes at the ready to bring up and talk about.

I’ve noticed that there is a correlation between people that get triggered easily and people that enjoy going back and forth reciting movie quotes.

This requires some research as you’ll need to spend some time watching movies in order to have quotes to volley back and forth.

A good place to start are classic Adam Sandler movies from the 90s-00s, classic movies that are similar in nature to Superbad, popular Will Ferrell movies such as Stepbrothers, or Rick and Morty.

The general trend here are comedy movies that have a certain brand of slapstick humor that can be easily quoted.

My tip regarding comedy movies is only my best idea at a good starting point. This strategy may be adapted to the environment you need to function in so if you want to implement this gauge the interests of coworkers at your job and watch media that is in a large swath of your coworkers interests.

Moving on, The next tip is to just get people to talk about themselves and talk about yourself a minimal amount.

If you talk about yourself you may trigger someone to destroy your entire life so build up the skill of letting other people talk about themselves and avoid giving out as much information about your life or about your thoughts as possible.

To do this, a good starting point is to just ask someone what they’re interested in. Hopefully, they have a hobby or subject matter they have a substantial knowledge about and this will cause them to ramble and eat up time.

If you are around people who are still in collage or high school you can probably get them talking about their future goals with their degree and allow them to fill the air with optimistic speculation about how they’ll be utilizing that degree in the future to became fabulously wealthy. This will only work if you’re around young people who have their head in the clouds and not as much if you’re around a crowd that has hit a dead end with this type of carefree optimistic outlook on the future, as I have. (half sarcasm half not)

If they do direct the conversation towards you get good at pivoting away from any discussion about how you view the world.

This can be done by giving an extremely broad response about your future goals such as, “I’m just staying healthy and building up my confidence.”

You may be asked about your thoughts on a current issue. For example, if a coworker is stating that we need to completely get rid of police and directs the conversation to you for you to back them up you could say, “I don’t really follow current news & politics because it just stresses me out whenever I read anything about it.”

They may attempt to say you need to follow the news and that it is your civic duty to advocate for completely getting rid of the cops.

You could feed into their beliefs and get them to leave you alone but advocating for as terrible of an idea as getting rid of the cops is painful so one route is to just act completely lazy and say,

“I really just like watching shows like Cobra Kai on Netflix and don’t have time to get involved politically”

They’ll be mad at you for not following their political religion but my point here is that it is possible to get out of an interaction like this by being obnoxiously apathetic sidestepping the need to actually reaffirm their terrible ideas or risking triggering them by sparking a debate.

As someone who has put out a substantial amount of my opinions on the internet in multiple formats if I talk about my career and someone goes to my site/YouTube channel/social media they may be triggered and attempt to destroy my life. So I keep this in mind often.

Therefore, at least for me it is safest to avoid filling the air talking about my hobbies, career goals. If you chasing your desired career doesn’t involve you writing pubic blog posts about brain dead liberals on a website with your name on it talking about your career may be a safe topic.

Moving on, The last few tips have centered around moving throughout a work environment with as little problems as possible, but what about outside of work.

I think the best thing to focus on here is what kind of friendship structure can you expect to have if you don’t want to be prescribed daily diet of consuming CNN or Netflix.

Now, what I’ve noticed is that if you want to be more open with what you think your going to have better luck participating in activities that involve smaller amounts of people.

If you say something such as, “men shouldn’t wear dresses” (@Virgil Abloh) at a house party or bar you may cause somebody to point at you and scream that you’re homophobic.

Therefore, focus on participating in activities such as going on hikes or going fishing where you’re talking to a smaller group of people and around less people who can overhear what you’re saying.

If there’s a person you think you may be able to mentally connect with in a class, at a job, or on a rec league sports team don’t actually talk to that person extensively in that venue.

Instead, talk to them enough to build a basic friendship, get their phone number, and go out of your way to ask if they want to hangout when you both have a free day. Take the initiative to give a time and place where you can both enjoy a relaxing activity.

This may require a small amount of research and planning on your part to find a place to hike, or a chill bar to meetup at but if you want to avoid triggering people and be able to speak your mind this is a good formula to follow.

Moving on, If you want to follow the previous tip, how do you identify someone who isn’t insane?

If you are talking to somebody, letting them talk about themselves and they mention they enjoy doing some sort of solitary activity such as drawing, woodworking, reading, etc. Chances are they think more than average.

Generally, this is an indication that they at least have some more down to earth opinions.

If you are talking to somebody and they bring up that they’re religious, (which, if they are, many people seem nervous and scared to speak about these days), this is generally an indication that they have their head screwed on straight on issues such as transgender children.

Writing this post is honestly making me somewhat sad.

I just let the words flow and I’ve realized that the solution I’m giving can be summed up as something like,

“find a job where you can isolate yourself, avoid being yourself around others, strategically fill your brain with pop culture quotes, play dumb when your opinions are questioned, avoid going to places where there are large groups of people, and learn to steer the conversation away from whatever you are truly thinking or feeling”

Is this unhealthy?

Most definitely.

However, if, for example, you are working a corporate job & have a wife & kids you are responsible for supporting it may be in your best interest to take some of this advice.

Right now good jobs are hard to come by because of the last year of covid & the general decline of the American empire.

Your family needs to come first before letting out your inner thoughts, unfortunately.

I personally know of two people in the last two years that were, in a corporate type setting, targeted by a liberal maniac that escalated things to the point that they had to deal with HR.

I also know of two different people whose relationship with their significant other was targeted using extreme social pressure by liberal freaks due to the opinions the person expressed.

The best thing you can do is avoid financially supporting companies who are pushing disgusting ideas such as the new ad from Pantene Shampoo promoting transgender children.

Simultaneously, do some research online and find people that are using various mass communication talents to push back against Satanic ideas and support them financially.

(Two good examples of talented people to support are either Owen Benjamin who uses his comedy talents or Roosh V. who uses his writing talents)

Even if you are taking $5 away from an evil corporation and putting $5 the pocket of a good, God fearing person you are doing something you should go to bed at night feeling proud of. 🙂

Stay safe out there & play it smart.

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