Waking Up // 3/22/2020

The last few years have been quite a ride for me. The more knowledge I’ve gained about how the world really works the more that I’ve became isolated from those around me.

I’ve always been interested in politics which I believe partially originates from my father’s interest in the topic. When I would come home growing up he would frequently be listening to the cable news networks and when the elections came around he would always be keeping up with how things played out. One of his personal party tricks was being able to list off all of the president’s names in chronological order.

I was exposed to enough of the arguments on either end that for as long as I can remember I’ve had my own beliefs. I always have thought that our country should have a strong border, the ludicrous national debt number always made me feel uneasy, and I always knew that abortion was morally wrong. However, throughout childhood and high school none of these things really seemed to matter. I never talked about them with friends or felt the need to. 

Fast forward to the recent years, I moved out to Denver Colorado in Fall of 2016 shortly before Donald Trump got elected. Because of the image of him that had been portrayed in the media I had a bad taste in my mouth towards him although looking back I had no idea why. I had always agreed more with the Republican side yet still subconsciously felt that, “orange man bad”.

Despite paying little attention during the lead up to election night even I could sense something strange was going on. Many of my friends at my collage dorm were visibly distraught and vocalizing a strong feeling of panic for what would happen now that Trump was going to be in the White house.

The following morning I remember walking outside to go to class and stopping for a moment and looking off into the distance at the sky I guess I was expecting things to just look different or to have been altered from the day before. When I got to class one of my professors had a sort of moment of silence before class. Not one where he specifically stated we were all going to bow our heads and pray like when I went to Catholic school but one where he made a statement about the events of the previous night stopping afterwards for an impromptu look into space which no one filled in with any sort of dialogue.

Things did calm down after the first day Trump was elected. My friends at the dorm may have thrown in a comment about how awful or racist he was here and there but I didn’t pay much attention to what was happening nor did they.

In the short term after the election the only memory that stands out to me was when I went to a Trump protest rally with my roommate. Not because I was really passionate towards either side at that point but just because it was the sort of thing I’d never been to before. People met at the capital, the speakers claimed they were going to run for president, people held up signs with big words and charged messages, and everyone walked the streets  for 20 minutes afterward in a pack.

I remember that at that point the main thing I was practicing artistically was photography and color grading photos and I spent the rally walking around the perimeter of  the crowd with my camera on a tripod holding all the legs with one hand and pressing the 3 second delay before raising the camera as high as I possibly could into the air to try to get an interesting angle

The next memory that stands out regarding politics is nearly a year after the election. It was fall 2017,  the first semester of sophomore year as a film major at CU Denver. While walking out of the room after an acting class one of the guys went on a short spriel regarding recent news on one of the people around Trump being prosecuted/arrested. I believe it was Paul Manafort but I was still paying so little attention at this point the specific event didn’t really stick.

What I do vividly remember about that moment was the feeling that the news invoked in me. I felt disappointed and sad. Disappointed that my chosen team, (Republican) had gotten into power and only a year after the election was causing a complete disaster for the American political establishment and sad that Trump wasn’t going to change things for the better. I didn’t really know at this point what, “better” meant or would look like but that’s what we always hope for from elected officials, right?

(Ex: Change!Change!Change! [taking for granted that the change the chant refers to will be a positive one])

Skip forward a few scenes, we’re now nearing the end of my sophomore year in Spring ’18. I was about to finish my film, “Xanarchy in America” and was spending significant amounts of time on my computer editing the video.

When I edit video one of my favorite ways pass the time is watching YouTube videos on a second monitor and I remember coming across a video by the channel Political Juice about something called “Pizzagate” the video is no longer on the channel but here’s a link to his other content.


This video really peaked my interest for a number of reasons. The main takeaways from this video for me were

  1. The language used in the Wikileaks Podesta emails was extremely suspect
  2. Bill Clinton was on someone named “Jeffery Epstein’s” plane many times in suspicious circumstances
  3. There might be much more than meets the eye going on in the political sphere but I have no idea where to start or what to look for

I remember watching the video a few times to really digest all the information. Despite the casual way the video was presented I knew the information presented in it was important and by the way he spoke I could tell he was knowledgeable on the topic and honest. For many information about these topics is a tough pill to swallow but that dose of truth filled in gaps in the way I viewed the world that I didn’t even know existed. It was like I had just unlocked a vast uncharted area in a video game map.

I don’t want to downplay the horrors of the information presented in pizzagate. It just didn’t really sink in the horrific picture of the world surrounding me that the information in the video was starting to paint. I was so naive at this point that the whole political sphere seemed like a TV show or a movie and Political Juice’s video was just a plot twist in the narrative. I’ve always been a seeker of truth and interested in learning the baseline level at which things work.

Note: This actually wasn’t the first time I had came across information about the topics Political Juice presented. I’ve consistently spent time surfing YouTube and clicking on content that peaks my interest for years. I do vividly recall going down a rabbit hole of suggested videos between the ages of 9-14 of jumping from video to video years and ending up on a slideshow style video that talked about the swirly triangle symbol, George Bush & “skull and bones” etc I never saw more regarding those topics at that point from and didn’t think to pursue them further although when seeing the political juice video it triggered a distant memory.


After seeing the video by Political Juice I did try to look into things more but had absolutely no idea the type of astro-turfing and disinformation tactics being employed to hide the truth about our world. I did learn a few valuable things at this point in time such as the concept of life cycles of empires and how the USA was apparently at the final stage known as the age of decadence/stage of overall decline. This was through watching a documentary called “The Four Horsemen”

However, my overall understanding was still very limited and I ended up getting stuck behind the kind of content created by a channel that I now believe is intentional astro-turfing called, “Jason A”

Here’s one of his videos but to save you the trouble of watching for yourself, the channel is essentially all medium length videos of footage from many different mainstream media channels being spliced together. No actual answers of information is provided and this type of content is total trash. Essentially the video version of a grocery store tabloid such as, “The Globe” or “National Enquirer”.

At this point it was the summer between my sophomore and junior year of collage. I didn’t realize it yet but I was beginning what I hope I’ll look back on as the low point of my entire life. It was the perfect storm. I figured out I needed to leave the film school I had been attending, I had been living my life completely wrong by following multiple terrible patterns of behavior, I hadn’t yet started to look back towards God in a substantial way, and I was about to learn about all the main bullet points that make up the secrets of the world. What are these bullet points?

-The earth is a plane. See Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 6-10 in an older bible

-The entire financial system is a scam and has been for quite some time now

-stuff in our food, medicine, and vaccines


-Over 95% of the population is living under a spell, a sort of mass hypnosis, through indoctrination via both de-culturalization and de-religioning (is that a word) simultaneously.

Over the course of the summer I became a very toxic person to those around me as I was extremely stressed from my previous plan for collage falling apart. I saved up money for years in highschool in order to go to collage where and how I wanted to. But I knew I had to leave film school so doing what I had originally moved 14 hours away from home to do in Denver was a deadend. It was the first major change of course in my adult life and one that I did not expect coming.

That’s a story for another day though. Over the summer I got sick of the Jason A videos and just sort of got complacent towards the whole thing. I remembered the pizzagate stuff but didn’t know where else to look for more information on the topic other than the political juice channel. I remember my mom saying, “what if everything is just as it seems?” For the time being I decided to just accept the world as I had always viewed it.

What people need to understand if you’re reading this in the future after the Great Awakening is that the algorithms on YouTube and Google were heavily censoring content from all of the best truth channels on YouTube so even if you were like me and liked to go out of your way to seek out novel content from new channels the algorithm would keep most truth content completely hidden from you. I believe that the video mentioned earlier from Political Juice somehow made it through the censorship because his presentation of the material hit the sweet spot between being fun to watch while also informative regarding an important topic. Looking back now, by Spring 2018 there was already a massive amount of truth on the internet but if all you did was click interesting video recommendations off the right sidebar on YouTube or look at the first page of Google results you wouldn’t find the real stories and answers.

This did change for me at the start of the fall in 2018 though. I was back in Denver and started spending significant portions of my time video editing again. A few videos stick out that I remember as being some of the first leads I got that allowed me to really wake myself up and find the real information about what had been going on.

This was the first video that brought Qanon to my attention. After watching just this video I would say I was 50%+ sure that Q was real. I realized just from these proofs that the coincidences were nearly mathematically impossible but it seemed to good to be true at first.
I remember watching this video by Joe M and feeling chills without understanding why quite yet. I knew the video was profound but hadn’t yet wrapped my head around the backstory.
Although some I sent this video to hated on the use of the cat animation, I think it’s important to remind yourself that when doing research you are looking for trustworthy sources and quality storytelling period. This is one of the first videos that zoomed in on a more recent event in a easy to digest way for a newcomer and acted as a major puzzle piece in helping me to understand what had been going on leading up to where things were at in 2018.


One of the Og’s in the internet truth sphere is Sean at SGTReport. His videos really clicked my understanding of the central banking system in place


X22Report is, in my opinion, the best source for daily news that has ever been created by man for man in the small amount amount of time we have had mass communications. His numbering system makes it extremely easy to go back to any old video which allowed me to pinpoint certain days that major events happened before Trump got elected than go back and listen to a clear and intelligent account of what was really going on from wide angle lens. It took me a few months of research to even be able to understand things in depth enough to listen to Dave and clearly follow what he was saying for 30-40 minutes.

Lastly I’ll mention the Johnny Gosch documentary. I remember watching this while I was working valet in Denver than getting off work and walking to my car when an overwhelming feeling of dread and horror overcame me. Although I had already watched many hours of content about current day problems this documentary hit me in a different way. I understood how insulated a story like this would have been within the geographical area in which it occurred before the internet, although I did believe Q was real and things would change this was around the time of the Kavanaugh situation and it wasn’t as obvious as it is now that Trump was going to bring the secrets into the light and I understood how many other times this story line played out without a documentary being made that exposed the truth.

At this point I was off to the races. I finally understood how to sort through the information on the internet and how to use the tools available to track down information about the various truths that had been hidden from me. Throughout fall 2019 I was slowly working on my biggest video editing project to date and watching and listening to hours and hours of content. The main tactics I was using to be able to find quality content and weed out limited hangouts and shills were to go to comment sections on videos I thought were good quality, check how old YouTube accounts were and looking through their likes and subscriptions, jumping over to other platforms such as Bitchute, 8chan, 4chan, and of course Qmap.pub.

The first time I had seen many of my friends from IL and family since really wrapping my head around what had been happening in our world was Thanksgiving and I went home stressed out from work and school but excited to tell people about all the information I had been learning. As you probably already guessed I was disturbed by the results. My new revelations about the world were met with a bizarre attitude of ridicule I had not expected.

From my perspective the information seemed obviously true and I had no issues letting it into my brain despite the harsh truths about our world it presented. However, what I would come to learn is that people didn’t want to have the illusion broken for themselves, If a piece of information threatened their worldview in an extreme enough way, years of programming resulted in flowchart like responses which ended in, “you’re crazy”, “you can find anything on the internet”, “I trust science” etc etc.

Despite the negative backlash I thought for months that I could get to those I loved through the right set of words, through presenting the information in a creative enough way, through the right fact being presented, or by using comedy to make the pill easier to swallow. But overtime I realized the truth of the situation we were all in. I believe this quote sums it up best.

btw, reddit is total trash

So around this time I was in for some of the biggest revelations yet. I grew up Catholic and never went so far as to deny God was real but I had indeed slowly and surely been drifting away from him in my thoughts and actions. One day it just hit me, how real it all was. I remember exactly where I was. I don’t remember what sent my thoughts that way so I can only conclude it was God himself that steered me back towards the correct path.

The second huge revelation I was in for was discovering the true nature of the world we’re living on. It’s flat/a plane.

I first started even considering this idea over Christmas break when I was home in Illinois. I remember seeing Nikon p900 footage that showed far away objects, and footage showing flaws on official internal space station footage but I have to admit that I wouldn’t let these truths into my brain right off the bat. I looked into proofs of why the earth was supposedly a spinning ball and took comfort in some disinformation sites and the flimsy proofs or flawed arguments that they proposed. I wont go into detail about my journey waking up to flat earth but the main bullet points are that it took me around 5-9 months to really accept what the evidence was showing me and have the truth sink in at a deep level around summer-fall 2019. I do get mad at myself for not seriously considering the flat earth proofs when I initially saw them but I really am glad that truth unfolded for me the way it did. In the long term, the mental blocks I went through to accept that has given me more compassion for those who had trouble accepting the more low hanging fruit on the truth tree such as the truth about the federal reserve, or the murder of American patriot Seth Rich.

I think the most important takeaway from this whole story for me is that God has perfect aim. He knows the enemy’s moves so far in advance it’s impossible for us to fathom and he can create as perfect an opponent for evil as women is a partner for man. It doesn’t matter if evil has control of all the world’s money or of 99% of the populations mind and soul, God will shoot his shot at it and hit dead center every time. I believe that Trump and those brave people in his inner circles are God’s shot at the Deep State, New World Order & Satan and although Trump did need to use his own free will to go after the biggest enemy the world has ever seen, once he saw the world for what it was I feel like the path that he was supposed to follow was pretty obvious to him. I pray that I’m able to follow whatever path that I’m supposed to be on & I think I’m starting to see it clearly.


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