Carmel Candy Bars // 3/24/2021

A girl named Arika is having her 16th birthday party. Her parents got her a two year old, high quality SUV but she has a scarce amount of friends to give rides to with her newfound freedom. She has a kind heart but a mild mental/physical disability has made her a bit socially clumsy. She’s […]

parallel-childhoods // 3/14/2021

FICTION A boy is born to a couple and his name is August. It’s their first child so they are determined to do everything perfectly. They are both high achieving people at their respective corporate jobs and already have a 5 bedroom house despite only using one of the bedrooms. They waited until they were […]

Magnetic // 3/9/2021

FICTION A young man is standing at railroad station and anxiously awaiting on the arrival of the train he is scheduled to be on. As he looks around he marvels at the clean aluminum that the entire station is built and designed with. The roof and pillars are all a matte grey that still has […]