Quality Control // 6/7/2021

This post is about part of my theory on how to maintain a high quality standard on the areas of your life you really want to excel at.

For me, the quality of whatever music & video content I release is very important. I want to take whatever steps I can to ensure that this is always the case.

Obviously, no matter what, I’m only human and I could make a bad call on a song or video and embarrass myself but the question to answer is how can I position myself to be as consistent as possible.

I think one important step to take to do this is to hold yourself to a high quality standard in your life outside of whatever your main focus is.

A personal example, I currently work at a liquor store and one of the main parts of the job is stocking bottles on the shelf, a mundane and repetitive task.

Some days I don’t feel like stocking bottles,

other days I feel like working but get discouraged when I see my coworkers slacking off.

However, in both these instances I try to remind myself to still do the same amount of work to maintain the quality level I want to hold myself to in music and video.

Often my boss isn’t there and if the boss is there they don’t micromanage me so I could easily get away with sitting around and doing much less work then I do.

However, I know if I took advantage of the chill atmosphere it would end up bleeding over into other aspects of my life and holding me back in the long run.

I would run the risk of developing bad habits that stayed with me years after leaving the liquor store.

If you want to grow and get past wherever you’re currently at in life make sure to keep the standard to which you hold yourself in mind, even if you’re doing a mundane task and especially if no-one is watching. I have my days where I’m groggy just like anyone else but I know that maintaining a high quality standard the best I can will pay me dividends in the long run.


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