Mask Madness // 4/1/2021

At this point I’m burnt out on talking about how annoying the whole mask thing is. I can’t think of any new ways to ridicule it and it’s clear that both sides of the argument have dug in their heels on their opinions, (including myself).

However, due to the degree of absurdity myself and others have experienced I think it’s worth writing a few of the stories down as a time capsule.

I’ll start off with a story of my own

I’ve been going skiing frequently this winter and purchased a season pass so I could go as many times as possible.

All the resorts included with the pass seem to be are particularly strict about making sure you have your mask on at all times compared to what I’ve seen at grocery stores or gas stations.

Even when you’re outdoors in the line for the ski lift it’s likely if you have your mask below your nose an employee will reprimand you and demand you pull the mask up.

One ski resort has gone as far as to have two full time employees staffed in a central location that enforce the mask madness.

While I’m sure they can answer questions about the resort, from what I’ve seen their main objective is to enforce the mask mandate using an iron fist.

Anyone that walks through the central area will be forced to put a mask on.

Of course, this infuriates me because I think the masks are a joke. While I always wear a mask when initially going up the ski lift and throughout the day, at the end of the day I treat walking through the central location where the employees are staffed as a boss fight where the goal is to make it through without wearing a mask.

I’ve used high level tactics such as holding up my skis between my mouth and the employees as well as turning away when walking past them. However, my favorite approach has been to completely ignore an employee telling me to put a mask on even if they call me out repeatedly.

The first time this happened I kept walking and the employee yelled at me around 7 times while repeatedly increasing his volume. He started yelling out details about the clothes I was wearing in order to call me out while I was in a crowd of people which caused everyone around me to turn and stare.

At this point I turned around towards him before pulling the mask up to get him to leave me alone.

The second time I completely ignored an employee calling me out in this manner was earlier this week. I was walking through the same area and an employee who I hadn’t even seen yet started yelling at me and demanding that I consented to the United States government fucking my face.

I’m not a big fan of that, so I completely ignored him and kept walking causing him to continue screaming at me louder and louder as I walked further away.

I was over 50 yards from where he was stationed and around a corner where other pedestrians were scarce and my friend caught up with me. We were talking for around 15 seconds when the same employee that had been yelling at me ran around the corner and started moving his hand all around in front of my body to attempt and scan my ski pass with a grocery store barcode style scanning gun.

I asked him what he was doing as he was waving the scanner all around the front of my body and he gleefully stated he was trying to scan my ski pass and log the number, essentially threatening to either cancel or suspend it.

He calmed down enough from salivating at the idea of canceling my pass to once again demand I put on a mask and angrily stated he had been telling me to repeatedly. I looked at him and said I hadn’t heard him and had no idea what he was talking about.

He then ran off to go and find other people to disrespect and while walking to the car my friend and I were talking about how the employee was acting like a child.

Another guy around our age overheard us and turned our way. He proceeded to tell us that the same employee had just cancelled his friend’s pass for not wearing a mask. A season pass for skiing is a good amount of money, over 500$.

Moving on. – A friend of mine is currently fixing industrial strength garbage disposals at a large airport.

The garbage disposals are in a deep pit, at least 12 feet down, and you need to climb down to the bottom in order to fix them.

The garbage disposals are needed at the airport to chop up a variety of material, sometimes human waste.

My friend told me that he was in one of these pits working when an airport employee popped over the opening to the pit and demanded that he immediately put his mask on.

I don’t believe he argued with the employee but the employee still took the liberty to threaten that he would be banned from working at the airport if he didn’t comply and lose his job.

So there’s two levels of why this situation is so despicable.

  1. I believe that we should all have more respect for the people that do the jobs such as the one my friend is doing. In order for you to take a shit while posting to your onlyfans people that are making an honest living keep the world functioning. The employee that has the nerve to demand that he wore a mask probably wouldn’t be willing to do his job. (The employee wasn’t his manger or supervisor)
  2. If a person is working in a scenario where there is potentially human waste involved isn’t there already a significant chance of encountering germs that wearing a piece of tissue paper over your mouth won’t prevent?

The ski lodge employee didn’t cancel my pass and my friend didn’t get fired from his job.

But, in both instances, the individual was getting a rush from getting to control another man.

I typically walk into wherever I go without a mask on but will comply once asked. What I’ve noticed from doing this over the course of a year is that Many of the strangers that have told me to wear a mask over the last year were clearly getting a rush from controlling another person. I think that’s what is more frustrating than anything else.

There’s times when it’s appropriate to follow another person’s orders such as a manager at your job or a sports instructor.

However, the media has given mentally ill freaks a pass to exert control over others and brainwashed them into thinking they have the moral high ground to do so.



In the previously mentioned stories the person demanding a mask be worn was extremely disrespectful.

In this next story I felt the person requiring that I wore a mask was polite & just trying to do their job. Therefore I don’t want to rope it in with the tone I described the first two with.

I was going to get my haircut and pulled up to the store. I looked all around my car for one of the blue disposable masks but couldn’t find one as I had just cleaned.

Therefor, I had to wear a skiing facial covering similar to this one.

this is an affiliate link, buy the product so I get rich.

I sat down at the barber chair and asked the women if I could take off my mask while I got my haircut. I thought since you can take your mask off after seated at a restaurant surely it would be the same here.


She politely informed me that I needed to keep the mask on the entire haircut.

For example, while she cut the back line of my hair I had to hold the fabric up with two hands while being sure to still keep it over my mouth. -____-

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